My new old-school allez .

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My new old-school allez .

Postby Noob » Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:47 pm


Nothing too special. LOL, Pun intended. It'll work for going to work.
Swaped out the saddle, tape, qr's, crank, pedals, tires, cassette ( even had oldschool 13-28. ) ... added a no name cage and some bling-y ( fuji ) gold valve stem caps and collars. & peeled off 15 or so warning stickers. ( ... and reflectors. )
Little sad about the bike beeing assembled by some punk ass kid, that left all the cabbles 3in. too long, brake pads croked, and stem spacers looking like poop.

Bend the knees, watch the trees, 5$ please.
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