Is Christmas too comercialized?

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Postby satch » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:50 pm

X-mas, to me, has been on the decline the past few years, hell, I go to buy the kids school suplies at the end of Sept, and the X-mas stuff is already on the shelves, turn on the TV and you see Santa selling everything from used Buicks to the latest I Pod.
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Postby Micro469 » Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:13 am

You want to see a Scrooge at Christmas? Look at me. I hate buying gifts.... never could pick a good one.. they always buy what they want when they want it anyway. Hate receiving gifts too.. they always ask what you want... and then get mad when you say "suprise me" . not worth the hassle. Rather spend time with family over a good meal and conversation anyway.

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Re: Is Christmas too comercialized?

Postby martha24 » Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:47 am

Endo wrote:
mandy wrote: I just don't want to buy into the whole commercial aspect of Christmas this year. Am I wrong? Are there any others who feel like I do?


We try our best to limit the commercial aspect of the holiday and celebrate the real reason for Christmas.

I'm in agreement there.

When the children were littler we always did a certain amount of decorations & tree and gifts for them without getting carried away and minimal compared to many instead making it more a family time and a time to remember whose birthday it is. Also at church they often had an angel tree, which I loved so my children could each pick one and buy a gift for a child in need to help them think about someone else.

Now I'm involved with St. Vincent de Paul and we do a food drive for Thanksgiving, a food & toy drive for Christmas for local families. Helping others gives meaning to the season as well in my opinion.

Plus I'm big on keeping advent as a spiritual preparation for Christmas and Christmas season starting on Dec 25 not starting the day after Thanksgiving and ending on Dec. 25.

Of course if most people thought like me, a lot of stores would probably go broke.
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Postby annalbs » Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:48 pm

i grew up with a nice combination of religious and commercialized christmas. we decorated the tree and hung lights but we also did the advent wreath every sunday leading up to christmas, we attended the candlight communion on christmas eve, we read the christmas story on christmas morning. We say Merry Christmas. It was important in our family to remember the real reason for christmas and to understand the blessings we had. I love christmas and everything it represents. I enjoy giving the people i love something special whether bought or homemade. I love listening to christmas music from the time thanksgiving is over until christmas day. i love decorating the house with both my manger scenes and angels as well as reindeer and lights. I think if you keep what's important up front then you can still enjoy all the season has to offer.
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