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Postby dovaka » Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:49 am

Miriam C. wrote:
dovaka wrote:omg im so jealous my average electric bill in the winter is $600 and its almost $1000 in the summer

:shock: :? :shock: Um we would just have to freeze. My goodness ours is less than $200 on level pay. :worship:

we have propane heat I dont even want to get into what that costs
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Postby mandy » Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:38 pm

Wow propane can be really expensive. Those bills sound like monsters to pay.
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Postby bobhenry » Tue Jan 13, 2009 7:41 pm

In Indiana it has been cold since October. Furnace has yet to run. Purchased a 99.9 % effecient gas fire place. Now the $350.00 gas bills have shrank to $160.00. Its a bit cold in the far end of the house but snuggling is always fun. No cable , no newspapers, shop for store sale items only. Pretotal last week was $189.00 before discounts after sale items were deducted total bill was $128.00. Both cars now get 35+ MPG
( we both drive 40 miles round trip to work) Have a wood burner we use as we can ( mostly weekends) to reduce heat bills. Low flush toilet was installed when we remodeled. ( Water bills are nuts in our small town
( $50.00 +/-)
Got in a big snit with the town water company last summer over being 1 day late on the bill and a $20 reconnect fee and went 30 days without water by driving to the city park and filling up a 55 gallon drum at their town hydrant. Camping experience with porta potty and 12 volt and 120 v water pumps paid off. Used the 32 cup redneck water heater as a hot water source to do dishes. A long dark hose provided hot water in the summer sun for showers in the porta potty tent. We were the talk of the town board for a couple or 3 weeks. Yes I am a red neck and when pissed will go to the nth degree to prove my point. I am truely amazed my darling bride went along as long as she did God love her. Yard sales and Goodwill are my shopping excitement and can not tell you the last time I was in a clothing store.
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Postby CAJUN LADY » Tue Jan 13, 2009 9:23 pm

hiker chick wrote:Two major things in the past year: 1) drove less by consolidating errands and riding a bike to work; 2) virtually stopped having meals delivered and eat out less.

Things I've been doing for many years:

3- pay off credit card every month
4- canceled telephone landline (have only a cell phone)
5- canceled newspaper (was getting most news free online anyway)
6- buy store brands (Harris-Teeter has excellent store brand items)
7- stock up on non-perishable and long shelf-life sale items
8- iced tea instead of soda pop at home

and last but not least:

9- vacation in teardrop trailer instead of hotels **

** another cost-saving aspect of camping is that when I'm camping I'm not shopping (except perhaps for some doo-dads from a campstore)

Great thread!


Great ways to budget. :thumbsup: I also gave up a few ammenities, that weren't necessary in my life, to save some bucks.

We are very energy conservative. On the weekends if we have to run an errand or grocery shop, we usually use the old truck and leave our vehicles parked, saving wear/tear/gas. I can now go 2 weeks on a tank of gas since cutting out unnecessary errands.

We have the LG energy efficient washer and dryer that saves 65% in water usage. That was a great buy for us.
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Postby southpennrailroad » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:19 pm

We had the cable package when we decided to take the house phone # and transfer it to a cell phone where now the cell phone with that number is always in the house and yes will need recharged but even then will operate when a call comes in. We saved about $30.00 off the cable bill from that package we originally had and even more once they raised the price on the package. And Yes you can actually move your house number to a cell phone. Should that phone die, we jsut buy a new cell phone and transfer the card in the phone to the new phone without the cell phone store doing that transfer.
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