Looking for someone to sew my cushion covers

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Looking for someone to sew my cushion covers

Postby Mark McD » Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:51 pm

Hello, Ladies and forgive me for the intrusion into your forum. I've just started my build and am looking ahead trying to schedule how Ill get things done. One of the things I know I will not be able to do is sew covers for my cushions. I was hoping somebody here could help me out and make a few dollars as well by sewing my covers. I just need something simple- no zippers - easy to pull on and off for washing. I have the old cushions from my pop up but they are hideous. I will be re-using the foam. We could make arrangements and I would send you the fabric ,dimensions,and payment. I probably won't have the fabric for a couple of weeks and wouldn't need the covers until March? No real hurry, but I am planning on having this trailer done by April 29,(my birthday).
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