The big questions to tiny home living

Lets talk tiny houses, tumbleweeds etc on wheels

The big questions to tiny home living

Postby Gerdo » Sat Sep 05, 2015 4:44 pm

Tony houses are awesome but the biggest question is where can you park and live your tiny home once it's built?

Water. There are several options. Rain catchment and filter system (if legal in your area). A storage tank and have water trucked in. Well water. City water.
Water lines need to buried below the freeze line or run thru heated pipes/hoses.

Sewerage. Black waste would need to go into a septic system or into the city sewerage system. OR, go with a composting toilet and not have black waste.

Gray waste. "In theory" if you use biodegradable soaps, some say that it's fine to let it drain onto the land, even water the garden.
This too need be heater outside the home.

Electric. You can go with a 12 volt DC system, 120 volt AC system or a combination of the two. This can be run off city power, generator, wind or solar.

Heat. There are a lot of choices here from a wood stove, space heaters, heat pumps, in floor heat.

Interior plumbing. Remember that the heat needs to keep things from freezing. Having the plumbing on interior walls and to the living side of the insulation will help.
Also think about having a way to gravity drain the entire water system. Havinf pipes run down hill toward low point drains is a good idea.

Additional thoughts are welcome.
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Re: The big questions to tiny home living

Postby bobhenry » Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:07 pm

Here are some of my utility thoughts

If you want to discuss zoning ,zone variances , square footage minimums, and required utilities to be legal stop in and apply for a permit at your building commission office. :x

My building office experience starts at the bottom of page 30 and goes on and on to the end ! Here is a link
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Re: The big questions to tiny home living

Postby rebapuck » Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:58 am

I've stated several times in several threads. SIGHTLINES! Space is obtained visually too. Keep away from full walls if you can. The further your eye can see, the bigger the impression.
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