Tiny house mecca in Pulaski County, KY

Lets talk tiny houses, tumbleweeds etc on wheels

Tiny house mecca in Pulaski County, KY

Postby Gold5one » Fri Sep 21, 2018 9:11 am

County Commercial Building Inspector
Bluegrass Building Inspections
Carley Fudge: Building Offical
13054 Burkesville Rd.
Breeding, KY 42715
Cell: 270-634-4135

Currently Pulaski County does not have zoning laws. Building permits are not required for residential construction in the county. However, commercial construction does require a permit. For further building code information, please contact Carley Fudge or refer to the State of Kentucky building codes. We do not issue certificates of occupancy.
Well, this looks to be a friendly place for BobHenry's Depot- or those large 16' wide sheds that people are converting in cabins-
Somerset, KY is the largest city in the county.
You will still need a permit from the county health dept for a new septic tank-
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