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Hey Doug

Postby doitright » Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:41 pm

Doug just looking at your photos and you have a photo of your toy collection. On one of the shelves you have a Triple A logo. When I got my camper it also has that logo. What I would like to know is can you tell the colors of the logo? All the paint on mine is gone. I would like to get some color on it because With the alum. siding it just blends in and you can not even notice that it is there.

http://tnttt.com/album_ ... c_id=44070[img]
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Postby doug hodder » Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:44 pm

Sorry Kevin...that's not my collection...that was a collection that was at DR. Georges RV salvage in Sacramento Ca. Steve E, Mike A and I took a field trip down there a couple of weeks ago and that's when I shot the pic. Wish it were mine...I'd be there playing with all of it....varoooooom...ahhhhh...watch out!!!....RV outa control...yahhhhhh....crashhhhhh.....ugggggg!

It appears to be some shade of white, but since it's probably a paint filled or painted logo I'd think you could do just about whatever you wanted to make it visible on your trailer if you don't want to be super authentic. Thing is, it could be stripped and painted any color someone would want in the future. Doug.
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