New Old Coleman Cooler

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New Old Coleman Cooler

Postby mjg444 » Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:39 pm

I was walking my dog today and ran across an estate sale and found this Coleman Cooler from 1976 in it's original box with even the styrofoam protectors with it. One of the handles is off, and the chrome handle area is missing a couple rivets but I guess I can figure out how to fix it. Other than that it is in great shape and very clean. Plus I got a water jug from the 70's but the handle has come off but I guess I could rivet that back on also.

$20.00 for all, so I hope that was a good deal! I figured a new one is $120.00 because I've bought one so this had to be pretty good. I had to leave it and go home and get my car because I wasn't going to carry it a mile back home.

In the box


The box


The cooler


The handle that needs fixing.


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Re: New Old Coleman Cooler

Postby Woodbutcher » Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:50 am

WOW, you did great. That thing is in beautiful shape. It's so nice to find stuff people never used much.
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Re: New Old Coleman Cooler

Postby campmaster-k » Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:18 pm

That is a cool cooler. I have one just like it but mine is beat up bad. Thanks for showing us. :applause:


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Re: New Old Coleman Cooler

Postby Zollinger » Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:32 pm

:thumbsup: Nice!
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Re: New Old Coleman Cooler

Postby ParTaxer » Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:21 am

I had that same cooler from 1976. It was sold with a blue and white water jug for a centenial combination. Another thing left behind from a long ago divorce.

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