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Postby campmaster-k » Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:25 pm

davidniebeling wrote:
campmaster-k wrote:
davidniebeling wrote:KC and Randy, Thanks for the help. Once I knew where to look it was right there. (Any more obvious and it would have shouted it's own name!!!) It is a 413C as you suggested, Randy. I can not find any date on it, however. No date stamps anywhere, and I REALLY looked hard, even on the tank. It is missing the legs and there is one small dent on the bottom, rear. I tried to get the fill cap and the pump off of the tank. NOT HAPPENING!! It's almost like their welded in place. I'm hoping that doesn't mean rust :worship: Next time in the shop I'm going to try a little heat on them to try and loosen them up. Any other suggestions? Also, I have looked at the website about old Coleman parts but I don't remember if they had info on rebuilding the stoves. If not, do you know of any sites to show how to rebuild the stoves? Thanks again for all the help, Dave

Those tanks dont rust. They are brass or copper. The gas cap may have a lead gasket so it may seem hard and worn out but it maybe just fine. I would not flame the gas cap for the same reason you would not do that to your car. The Coleman junkies call those pipe bomb tanks. :frightened:

Thanks for the warning. But I am curious; why do they call them "pipe bomp tanks"? If I get it cleaned up and a new cap, is the tank it's self safe to use or is it an inherantly unsafe tank? Thanks again! Dave

They are safe and just fine to use. Like Randy said its just a little fun thing we do. :frightened:


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