BBQ Oysters

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BBQ Oysters

Postby dmb90260 » Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:33 pm

I had BBQ oysters last night and they were splendid served up with Caesar salad, french bread and some tooth-staining-dry-red wine.
I did not get the exact recipe so i searched the web. A word to the wise, if you see any recipes that tell you to shuck the oysters first or dump the juice, dump those recipes.

One main thing is to have everything else done and set up ahead of time, these cook fast and are eaten fast.
Get your oysters, 10-12 each person will work, and scrub the shells well.
Saute some chunked garlic in olive oil and have it handy.
Have the grill hot, place the oysters on with the curved side down, flat side up. Cook until they start to open. With welders gloves pick each one up, pop the upper shell and remove it. Detach the oyster from the shell and put it back on the fire trying to save the juices. Add a tsp of hot garlic & oil and let cook for 30-60 secs. Remove and serve. toppings are whatever you prefer, Tabasco, lemon wedges, butter, horseradish. I loved the Tobasco Chiplte sauce.

These were nice and big Washington State oyster. Maybe next time I iwll remember to bring a camera.
They may a great main dish or appetizers and a wonderful presentation with the steaming oysters in their own shells.
I am ready for some more right now. :wine:
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Postby devigata » Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:03 am

When we grill oysters, we cover them with a damp burlap sack, bringing some steam into the mix. After they're on the grill about 10 minutes, we pluck them off with long tongs onto boards streched across sawhorses.

Saltines, horseradish and catsup are the only accoutrements (besides the beer).
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