Fast, Easy, Hot&Spicy Ginger Chicken Stir Fry, w/2 pans

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Fast, Easy, Hot&Spicy Ginger Chicken Stir Fry, w/2 pans

Postby SomewhereInND » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:50 pm

1. Pan 1:Make some rice, fried rice is better more work.
1. Pan 2:Reheat fired ground chicken that you made at home.
2. Add in onions that you sliced up at home, then froze in a convinient ziploc.
3. Some Housin Sauce.
4. Some Roasted Chilli Paste.
5. Toward the end, add some ginger paste (tends to cook off, so dont heat it too long)

Serve on a bed of rice.

Quantites of ingredients? Well that depends on how many you serve, how much onion you like, and how hot you want it. Search for spicy ginger chicken recipe to get a start.

Personnaly, I like lots of onions, lots of heat. If your lips are tingling after you eat it, and if your lips burn the next morning when you did good.

I use ginger paste because it is easy to mix in, make sure you mix it in well. You dont want the glob of ginger to be in your first spoonful. Ginger is actually a hot spice.

Sririacha Hot Chili Sauce is the best hot sauce I have found for chicken. Comes in a clear plastic bottle, with a green cap, contents are red ITS HOT, but has an assume taste. Sold at walmart in asian isle.

May your lips burn in the morning!
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