Fast, Easy, Frozen Pizza on a grill, No dishes!

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Fast, Easy, Frozen Pizza on a grill, No dishes!

Postby SomewhereInND » Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:57 pm

Frozen Pizzas are easy to make on a grill.

Lighter Crusts with reasonable amount of ingredients work best.

Low heat, If you have a 2 burner grill, at some point, move pizza to non heated side of grill and close lid.

If pizza came with a cardboard plate as part of the packing, slide heated pizza onto cardboard, cut, serve, no dishes.

Tottinos pizzas in the red boxes work very well, they are light, and 1 pizza serves 1 person. Only problem is that pepporoni is the only one that tastes good.

Top with Siricha Chilli Sause, to make your lips burn in the morning will showering.
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