Orama Trailers - Olympia, Wash.

...if you find a Teardrop or Tiny Travel Trailer, on Ebay, craigslist, etc, post it here.........

Orama Trailers - Olympia, Wash.

Postby gudmund » Mon May 06, 2019 4:40 pm

if you looking for a teardrop here in the NW (Washington/Oregon area) - check out http://WWW.oramateardroptrailers.com He has just "one" left for sale being he has now left the trailer building business. Yes, I have one of his trailers and after all of the problems I had had with my first trailer - the one I got from him has been GREAT!!! After one year - still no problem areas what-so-ever!!! Check it out if you are in the market..........................click on the 'For Sale' tab to see pictures of the last one available (also check out his build pictures - his trailer are 'very' overbuilt.......and comes with a-lot of extra stuff that others charge extra for - mag wheels-trailer brakes-spare tire-rear bike rack receiver-diamond plated trailer front-tongue box-insulated etc.,etc. This one nice trailer!!! LAST ONE!!!! :thumbsup: (Note: This is "MY" personal opinion of his trailer/build and Mike 'the builder' has had 'no' say in my posting of this info here) take care T. Hoefer Camano Island, Wash.
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