Seattle: 1963 Shasta

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Seattle: 1963 Shasta

Postby nbcarey » Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:43 pm

Just saw this on the Seattle Craig's List. ... 44431.html

1963 Shasta Canned Ham Travel Trailer - $10,200 (Olympia)



Selling my vintage 1963 Shasta Canned-Ham travel trailer which has been personally renovated and customized into the perfect, bare-slate, additional bedroom. The trailer has been in my family for fifteen years and has been enjoyed as both an easily travel-ready camper and a stationary, additional bedroom. It has undergone a series of renovations and remodels to better become a bedroom and as such, is more comfortable stationary, but remains completely towable and useful as a weekend, or long-term, camper. For the last year the trailer was used as a ‘mother-in-law’ room tacked onto my home but is being sold now, because my family no longer needs the extra space and it has become difficult to personally tow. $10200 OBO, Buyer must pick up or arrange delivery of the trailer.

-Original wood paneling is redwood from California.
-All original hardware is in good condition.
-Insulated for the hot and cold seasons.
-6’ 2” headspace / ceiling height.
-Lots of natural light.
-Compact design with plenty of storage.
-Common 2” tow hitch.

-Minor dents in front and back corners of exterior aluminum paneling.
-Condensation builds up on windows when space-heaters are used inside.
-No built-in breaks on wheels.

The Exterior: The outside of the trailer has been redone in a manner meant to preserve the 1963 Shasta design, with the original brand emblems, badges, signal lights, vent covers, window frames and trim all intact and refinished. The trailer never had original wings, but replicas were created with wood and latex to fully capture the vintage design; furthermore, the paint job was altered to be a two-toned brushed aluminum with the original stripe redone in dark red. The skylight was updated with a larger, domed, UV-resistant model, while all windows are original and have been cleaned, resealed and painted to match the rest of the hardware.

The Interior: The inside of the trailer has the original wardrobe, cabinets and end-shelves all intact and refinished (with fluting and greebling added to the end-shelves). Likewise, the original power breaker, outlets and light-fixtures all operate and have been refinished, and further bolstered with additional outlets placed evenly around the trailer. The original kitchenet was nonfunctional before and so was replaced with a series of bookshelves, cubbies and extra space for a wrap-around desk (which also replaced the original dining table). The desk features a large 4’x1.5’ piece of butcher block at its center, useful for crafting and cooking, along with a ‘hidden’ cubby designed for record-players and a series of corresponding shelves sized for vinyl records. The old linoleum flooring was replaced with insulated, sealed, cork tiles. The bed frame was redone to enable slightly more height and easy access to the storage area underneath, along with general strength and stability; the frame best fits twin standard or twin xl mattresses but can easily fit a double as well.

Year: 1963
Make/Model: Shasta ‘Canned Ham’ Travel Trailer.
Length: 13.5’ (17’ including the tow hitch).
Width: 7’
Height: 7’ top to bottom (including the skylight), 8.5’ top to the ground.
Weight: 1,600 lbs.
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