Restoring a 1971 Rolite Model 1500

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Re: Restoring a 1971 Rolite Model 1500

Postby rjgimp » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:27 pm

trevize1138 wrote:one incredibly useful part of this brocure is the last page showing the entire lifting mechanism apparatus!

I figured so! :thumbsup:

I actually have the original manual from my Steury as my parents got it from the original owner. On earlier models like mine they had the big external spring loaded hinged lift arms. That site does have some really cool information. I enjoy reading some of the magazine reviews from the 550s and 60s.

I hope to make it to a Procrastinators Anonymous meeting someday...
just as soon as the steering committee gets around to scheduling one!
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Re: Restoring a 1971 Rolite Model 1500

Postby trevize1138 » Fri Sep 11, 2020 1:21 pm

rjgimp wrote:Yup. You have surge brakes! LOL I had no idea at first either until I looked into it. So the trailer will follow nicely behind the car and then when you stop the car the trailer will want to keep going. When that happens the tongue of the trailer has a built in slide mechanism which will cause the weight of the trailer to "surge" against a ram behind that hydraulic reservoir which will function exactly like your foot pushing the brake pedal in the car When they are taken care of they will function just fine and stop the trailer safely behind the car but one drawback is it can be a challenge backing uphill in bumpy terrain because the brakes might get activated when you don't want them to. Some systems have an override function to stop that from happening. You can convert it to a full electric or an electric-over-hydraulic system or just leave it the way it is.

I took a closer look at the tongue to see how it worked. Certainly looks like surge brakes based on what you say. To lock them out there's a little lever you can either swing back to allow the thing to compress and apply the brakes or lock it forward to prevent movement so the brakes don't activate. Looks like I had it locked out when I towed it home. I was able to back it down my driveway just fine so that makes sense that I wouldn't have gotten stopped. I can imagine how much confusion that might have caused me at the time being clueless about those brakes! I'd try to back up and get stuck every time, looking to see if something was blocking the wheels, getting angry and frustrated. Ah! Real RVing! Getting angry and frustrated at something that's mysteriously not working right! :)
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