no I am not a Plumber but I want to say this.

stand up or sit sink or not to sink...want or got your Q&A here..........

no I am not a Plumber but I want to say this.

Postby Ron Dickey » Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:40 pm

Hello ... I work in the plumbing Department for a large retailer and I want to say this.

If you are putting in Plumbing... I would recommend putting in drain and pipes you find in a house and try not to buy from a RV store because when it come time for a fix on the road only the RV places will have the parts for a expensive price.
You may have the part sitting at home left over from that last sink repair, you know that part that you hung onto saying there might be a use for this. Also you can find most parts at most retail hardware places. So many times I have a guy with an RV outside and he needs a part I do not have and he is going to have to buy extra parts to make it fit.

that goes for electrical too. What you find in your house you can put in your trailer and in an emergency you will find the part.

If is true however that the parts that you do find at an RV store are smaller and more designed for special things that you do not find normally and if you find it and it works for you get it, just know that if it fails you must find an RV store to replace it and it will cost more.
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Postby bobhenry » Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:12 am


We went thru a major home remodel in 2001 and added 300 sq ft new kitchen from the ground up and converted the small kitchen into a nice laundry / pantry. Bath was upgraded throughout and the back mud room was insulated drywalled and converted into a home office. We had unused plumbing and electrical parts in drawers, cabinets, boxes ,crates and we are still finding leftovers. I have incorporated these home products for 3 builds now and am about to exhaust my stash. I never even thought about the RV store! I am quite happy with the results of my builds with off the shelf Home plumbing and wiring products.
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