Need help choosing a better toilet

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Need help choosing a better toilet

Postby mustangcats » Wed May 02, 2012 8:45 pm

I made a mistake of buying a Thetford Aqua Magic V toilet, and will not be using it in my TTT build due to its poor design. There is no direct sealed connection from the bottom of the bowl to the toilet floor flange. The waste drops down into the large base of the toilet with all its nooks and crannies before finding its way to the toilet flange and holding tank. Some people call it the "splash chamber" and it can cause terrible odors because waste gets stuck and remains in the base of the toilet. YUK!!! Does anyone know which rv toilets have a direct connection from the bottom of the toilet bowl to the floor flange? I was thinking the Dometic 310 had a direct sealed connection, but after researching it more thoroughly, I'm not sure.
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Re: Need help choosing a better toilet

Postby Martiangod » Wed May 02, 2012 9:29 pm

Odours are caused by improper tank vents and bad bowl seals.
The worst smelling odours I've dealt with in trailers is from people who clean with bleach, it kills the good bacteria in the tank that breaks down the solids
The AM V works just fine, I sell 30 of them a year as replacments
The closest think to what you want is a Aqua Magic Style Plus china bowl or Sealand traveler
Both china bowl toilets, heavy and expensive, I put a style plus in my park trailer as I think it is the best on the market right now and taller then all the other toilets.
I put an AM V in my TTT, for weight and functionality, its a good loo

A 90* rinsing wand is a good investment for blasing the nasties below the flush plate.
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Re: Need help choosing a better toilet

Postby 2bits » Tue May 08, 2012 10:39 pm

At my home I have a modern low impact toilet. I do not know if the weight would be prohibitive, but it has got to be loads lighter than an old style ceramic stool. I think it is all a trade off for what is important to you. My next standy will have two things inside, a full size inner spring mattress and a full size shower, plus some storage, that's it. I toss out the kitchen and dinette, which I would never use which provides me an even size and weight exchange. Point is, you don't have to take the drag strip approach of doing as little and small as possible, just because something might weigh 25lbs doesn't mean you can't use it, just use good balance with the axle and maybe put the AC on the other side.

I rented a NEW camper a couple months ago and refused to use the shower or bathroom in it and just used the park facilities because the camper bath was simply tiny and annoying, camping is supposed to be fun and enjoyable not a hassle, so design it to be just that for you!
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