Electric sink faucet, HUH?

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Re: Electric sink faucet, HUH?

Postby Vindi_andy » Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:23 am

Yes it shuts off when I turn off the faucet but no it doesnt have a pressure switch. It has a small micro switch on a cam that is turned when the tap is turned. It switches on about 1/4 turn open and switches off at the same point i.e. about 1/4 turn before fully closed.

Very simple but effective, I think the tap cost around $20 and the pump was around $15. IMHO a small price to pay for the convenience of running water.

It will be wired battery +ve to fusebox, from fuse, to faucet switch then from switch to pump then -ve back to collection point which will be connected to battery -ve terminal. The pump will be connected via a plug to allow it to be removed during travelling and the water pipe will have an external connection point.
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