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Postby slowcowboy » Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:12 am

the older tanks don't even have opd valves. most of the tanks that lay down on there sides especially on the vintage teardrops or the vintage tanks that lay down don't have over fill proteion. all the new tanks definlty have them if it has a triangle shapped valve wheel it has them.

all the ones on rvs that are built in tanks don't have them.

house tanks don't have them.

hundred pound bottles don't have them.

we had bad ranch branding fire years back at dubois due to a tank filled to 100 percent.

but for the most part new tanks with opd valves are safe. and if you go to fill your bottle at a dealer and can see his meter your pretty safe. a 20 pound bottle only takes so much most propane guys do take pains to make sure they don't over fill a bottle as there job is on the line if they do over fill one.

they weight the bottle to to make sure when filling it is not over filled at most propane places too.

most the time when I get a bottle filled and smell gas its the spitter valve not closed tight enough.

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