Flex line from copper pipe to Mr. Heater.

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Flex line from copper pipe to Mr. Heater.

Postby gene so » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:18 pm

As I am starting to work on my galley, I need to layout my propane line so it can connect the propane tanks to a Mr. Buddy space heater, the refrigerator and the cooktop. I have adequate coppertubing for the majority of the line and also fittings. However I would like to run a flexible line from the main propane copper line to the heater that would have fittings on one end for the copper line and a fitting which can be turned onto the threadson the heater which are meant for small propane tanks. I have a large hose that I used With a larger propane tank and that worked very well, but it is four feet too long for the inside of the cabin. I simply need to know the correct terms to describe those fittings. I believe the pipe fitting is 3/8 npt (correct?) but do not know the proper terminology to describe the fitting with threads for small propane bottles that normally screw into the heater by hand rotation. I would appreciate the correct terminology and the best source for obtaining a 2 foot hose with these connections. This site has been great in helping me with these mechanical challenges.
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Re: Flex line from copper pipe to Mr. Heater.

Postby Dale M. » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:36 am

The fitting the fits propane "bottles" is a 1 inch x 20 TPI disposable bottle fitting..

Something like this for bottle ...


Something like this for appliance ...


What I do when I have to search things out, it seems easier to go to "GOOGLE Images", and put in description (or what I believe is description) of object I am searching for and then find graphic/picture that pretty much matches my requirements and then follow link back to web site where it may be available or at least more information on it... Its "visual search" instead of text search....

http://lmgtfy.com/?t=i&q=disposable+pro ... le+fitting

MR Heater also has a full line of fittings and hoses...

http://www.mrheater.com/sporting/produc ... tings.html
http://www.mrheater.com/sporting/produc ... hoses.html

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