Summers coming how do you know what to bring?

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I am loading up to go how do I know what to take along?

I just do
we have a check list ( can you share it?)
we never take it out except to clean off and put back in
that's my spoused department
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The big stuff we bring the little we buy as we need.
It is all organized in containers
where we go we don't need supplies ... (back to the future)
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Summers coming how do you know what to bring?

Postby Ron Dickey » Fri May 06, 2005 9:27 pm

I was real sleepy the other night and came up with a camping check list links list
I put it in general in stead of camping tips and today I was trying to figure where I misplaced it.

When you load up to go how do you know what to take.
do you think a general TTT&T check list should be created for novis TTT&T campers.
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Postby Woody » Fri May 06, 2005 9:49 pm


I searched the web for checklists like you did and after searching car camping and RV checklist sites . Boy, I tell you what there are many and all somewhat diverse. I basically printed them out and compared them to find the common items you would need and or like to have. Then compiled my own checklist for tent camping and refined it for Teardroppin'.
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Postby Guest » Fri May 06, 2005 10:07 pm

It all depends on who's going, where/when you're going, what you're going to be doing once you get there and how you're going to get it all there.
I've only used checklists early on when I first got into backpacking...
They seemed to work OK, because my back was hauling everything.
When I take my kids camping... I sit down and mentally picture what we're going to be doing, what time of year it is, what we're going to eat... then decide what I'm going to take.
Once my teardrop is done about the only thing I'll need to pack, is food, clothing and any "toys" I want to bring along.
I don't really see much of a need for a checklist with a teardrop because it will pretty much just stay packed and ready to go at a moments notice.
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Oh Yaa... I've forgot river shoes once or twice too, so if you forget something you really need enough times, you'll eventually remember to bring it next time.

Postby gardenwood » Fri May 06, 2005 10:30 pm

We debated between "never take it out" and "orgainized in containers." Chose "never take it out" in anticipation of finishing the tear and loading the container contents into their new home. Like Copperwood, we pack only food, appropriate books and "toys" and clothing.

Used to have a camping list though. Started it when getting ready for our first camping trip with our daughter then 5 1/2 months old (now 32 years) and her 4 big brothers and sisters. Found that list a few years ago and had a good laugh over bottles, diapers, pacifier, blankie, softball mits x4, softballs x 4, frisbies x 4, 2 more blankies (etc.) along with dog food, tie out chain, food and water dishes, rug, dog ball, leash. After packing for 7 people and the dog a few weekends, we rented a seasonal site, built a sandbox, 1/2 horseshoe pit and left the pop up until the park closed for the season.

Good memories, especially this Mother's Day weekend. My parents and Aunt/Uncle had seasonal sites next to ours. Other family and friends would rotate through nearby campsites as they could. We camped there for several years and always had a great time.

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Postby Joseph » Sat May 07, 2005 6:08 am

I have some basic "teardrop only" stuff that stays packed in containers or in the teardrop itself. Anything else, especially food, is based on destination & time of year.

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Postby campadk » Sat May 07, 2005 6:33 am

Closest option for me to pick was 'all in containers'.

Everything is organized in the tear and has its place.

Even clothes are always packed underbunk. When its time to go we simply pack a box of food, fill the cooler with beer and steak and off we go.
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