Setting up a 10X10 EZ-UP : (EZ or not?)

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Setting up a 10X10 EZ-UP : (EZ or not?)

Postby azmotoman » Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:26 am

I have noticed a few posts from people that feel the EZ-UP canopy setup can be a daunting task for one person.

I am 6'0" with about an 8' reach (on my toes) and have found it quite easy to set up our 10x10 canopy. We leave the canopy attached to the frame and store it that way. Within 10-15 minutes, I can have the entire structure erected (without the walls), staked out and ready to use.

I am FAR from mechanically challenged, but do have physical limitations that I manage to work around.

My question is this: Many people have complained about it taking more than one person to set up these shelters, so, why is this?

1) height challenged
2) mechanically challenged
3) physical limitations (not height related)
4) I don't leave the canopy attached in storage
5) all of the above

Yes, I know it can be easier when you have help, but the task has proven to be fairly simple when I am alone or just don't wish to bother anyone else with setting up MY camp.

Ideally, 4 people could set up a 10x10 in about 60 seconds. They really are that easy. However, we are all individuals and have our own set of circumstances. It would interest me to read some of these and what you ALL come up with for answers as a 'work-around' to help those that are experiencing difficulties.

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