Camping without hookups: One Battery or Two?

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Does your 12-volt system have one battery or two?

One battery – never wanted more.
One battery – sometimes wish I had two.
Two 12-volt batteries wired in parallel = 12 volts.
Two 6-volt batteries wired in series = 12 volts.
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Re: Camping without hookups: One Battery or Two?

Postby AZ_Desert_Rat » Sat May 17, 2014 9:51 am

This is actually my first "camping" type trailer; because I am a dry camper and space was a premium, I chose to install just one grp 27, 12 volt, deep cycle battery (note both tank and battery are inside tongue profile to allow for an eventual aluminum cover (a summer project).
1) I have installed and/or changed all lights over to LED and will be installing a couple of 12 volt plugs in the trailer for charge outlets for cell phones, detector batteries, and a small Lap Top computer.
2) I use a stove or campfire for cooking and a stove-top percolator for coffee.
3) The only other power drawing source are two roof vents that are used on occasion to vent the trailer and not intended for long use.
4) My TV is large enough to carry a small Coleman generator (1850 watt peak/1500 watts cont) and 10 amp charger for emergency charges. The generator was a Craig's List item I purchased to recharge the battery used on a drywasher and recirc pump for a small sluice box.

I enjoy dry camping and the quiet that comes with it; I have not needed more power for things like AC or a Microwave. I think these comforts are nice and it is great if one is into camping with them; however, at this time, I enjoy camping without too many luxuries and the comfort of a small battery-powered trailer is all I really need.

I ordered the trailer with a short tongue (just 3' long); yes, a longer one would have given me room and I could have ordered one in about any length, but I guess that will get evaluated on the next trailer :thinking:

So far though, I am happy with my CT conversion as it is slowly moving along ... :D
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