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If you were to build it all over again ...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 2:13 am
by Ron Dickey
Each day new idea come in, new designs, old tears reappear, someone does it different and you like it even more. Also there are a certain number of people who are in the 2nd teardrop club, for a reason...

If you started over, or if you would start over what would your main reason be?

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 5:43 am
by mikeschn
If I hadn't built such a heavy one the second time around, my answer would have been, I wanted it wider!!!


PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:35 am
by Chip
After almost finishing my first tear I there are a number of things I would do completely different,,A number of thes changes would make the construction process run smoother and the end result a lot nicer,,ya got to build one or maybe even two before it really all starts to click together..

I am overall happy with my first build but #2 would (will) be different than the first.


PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 10:44 am
by tdthinker
I really want a woddie although I will most likely paint, I have a large tear design so most likely I would want it lighter. Prob is if it is lighter it is usally smaller.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 11:25 am
by shil
I made a few mistakes I'd like to correct; I voted for 'Better Quality'.

It's only the first time once.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2004 11:00 pm
by Guest
Because I sold it, or someone stole it.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2004 8:56 am
by beverlyt
I would want it wider.

And I would have done that from the start, had I found this forum right away and had there been plans available.

To date, noone sells step-by-step plans for a 5' wide teardrop.


PostPosted: Wed Sep 08, 2004 1:30 am
by BufordT
I really wanted better quality
I really wanted it lighter
I really wanted a more modern looking one

I started out building a grasshopper. Was much too big for a first attempt.
I ended up with a mini-hopper. Close to what Mike's weekender looks like.

My next one will be either a weekender or a more traditional design with modern style.

But either way there will be a third one down the road.

Bufordt :twisted:

I you were to build it all over

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 9:38 pm
by pdart70
I think I would make it ( will make the next one) wider. Weight not really a problem.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 22, 2004 4:53 am
by Arne
With having gained more knowledge, I would do the following:

- use a h/f trailer, widened to 5 ft, lengthened to 10 ft (the current 104" is just adequate).

- I would not make it as tall (56"), I would stay with 48"

- I would put in a footwell (to still have headroom for a table)

- replace stock spring/axle with torsion axle

- not build it in one month. this was done out of necessity. If I build another, I won't have to rush it. It does take a toll....

re the above, I can still put in the footwell and replace the axle. I am not at all unhappy with the way my first tear is turning out, with more time and planning, it just could have been tweaked a bit to make it 'more better'.....

PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 7:45 am
by SteveH
I LIKE this thread. Didn't vote, because I've not built a Teardrop, but it gives me a "heads up" on what NOT to do. Would love to see more input here.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:10 am
by Joseph
I'd have used a wooden frame w/bolt-on axle like the original rather than an HF frame. I'd have also built the hatch first and built the walls to fit rather than trying to fit the hatch to the walls.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:14 am
by campadk
I couldn't vote either... We're pretty happy with what we have, although a bit more vintage look is on the wish list (replacing fenders next spring).

Was surprised to see that 'I really wanted it wider' is 29% of the vote. Wider for the cabin? or galley or both?? True 4ft is a bit cozy. I think the ideal width is 54 inches. I would have thought more would vote for 'I really wanted it longer' which I found was more of an issue then width.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 10:13 am
by Steve Frederick
Bigger, Lighter construction methods, creative opportunity! I'll fix things that I did wrong...and make some new mistakes,,,so,,,I'll build the next one smaller,,lighter,,more creative opportunity,,,Could go on and on and on.. :wink: :wink: I'll probably just keep building something. It's just what I enjoy! Maybe I'll build for someone else? Anyone? I'm looking forward to retirement, in 8-10 years. I am very cranky without something to work on. :evil: :evil: OR...A fleet for any mood! :twisted: Loaners for friends. :wink:..I'll need more money...Oh Boy!!!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2004 1:06 pm
by Woody
Even though it is not an option on the poll. Beyond making it wider, I would have thought thru my electrical system better on the layout and access for maintenance (removable access panels) and adding additional circuits easily without having to reinvent the wheel. I thought that I had it covered by adding extra wires in the original design and still have a clean install. Extra 120 vac outlets and expansion of the 12 vdc system to accomodate future upgrades. I can still do it but now it is more difficult