Best "recipe" for insulated sidewall with bedliner exterior

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Best "recipe" for insulated sidewall with bedliner exterior

Postby jamorgan3777 » Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:04 am

Really like the look of the bedliner exteriors and the ability to use multiple colors. Was wondering what the consensus was for the best sidewall "recipe" using this. My goal (as with most) is to have a structurally sound, simple to "form" (ie curves), insulated (im up north), completely waterproof (long term), and low to no maintenance (washable). I also realize that all the forms have puts and takes in each of these.

One I've seen is 1/8" ply|3/4" Plywood frame|1/8" ply|epoxy fiberglass|bedliner
Another ive seen is 1/8" ply|3/4" Plywood frame|1/8" ply|Multiple layers of acrylic primer|multiple layers of bedliner

What about 1/8" ply|3/4" Plywood frame|1/8" ply|aluminum skin|bedliner?
or 1/8" ply|3/4" Plywood frame|1/8" ply|Filon skin|bedliner?

Also, is 3/4" plywood with cutouts for 3/4" solid core insulation good? Ive also thought about doublint that(i.e. 2x3/4" PW frame with 1.5" pink foam insulation)

Would rather not experiment if I dont have to. Looking for something as close to "tried and true" as possible.
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Re: Best "recipe" for insulated sidewall with bedliner exter

Postby tony.latham » Fri Sep 11, 2020 9:20 am

With my last build the walls consisted of a heavily skelatonized 3/4” core (with foam board in the voids), 1/8” ply on the inside and 1/4” on the outside. 1/8” on the outside would be fine bit I butt screw to lock the cross members in place and need the added meat.

Take a look at the windows (and doors) you plan to use before selecting wall thickness and make sure they’ll work.

I glassed it and finished off with Monstaliner. The fiberglass/epoxy was to ensure none of the plywood decides to check down the road. There have been a few folks install bed liners over plywood and had problems. You mentioned using it over Filon but I don’t think that stuff takes paint but I don’t know for sure.

With eighteen years of teardropping behind me, I believe 3/4” of insulation in the walls and 2” in the roof is fine here in Idaho.

You might take a,look at my build log.


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