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Painting Vinyl

Postby drgrumpus » Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:09 am

I'm using some NT vinyl fenders on my TD build. From the get-go, I was worried about painting them. Well, I think I found the answer. I tested several primers and found one that seems to work. Epiphanes multi purpose primer. I scuffed up the surface with 180 grit paper, then applied the Epiphanes with a soft brush. Took 12 hours to dry. It has lots of body and is sandable. I plan to do a second coat with 400 wet sanding before the color top coat.

My only issue is the thickness of this stuff. I plan to thin it 5-10% in the future. This stuff should Work well on the other plastics.
Five cords of wood in, snow tires on, 5 X 8 NT frame on order. Gonna build a TD this winter.
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