Is filon difficult to work with?

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Is filon difficult to work with?

Postby gmonahan » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:37 pm

Hi all
I'm looking at building a 5x8 benroy and am in the planning phase. I have found filon that I could use for the roof as it's wide enough to cover without any seams? My question is aluminum a better solution I'm worried about the filon breaking the seal from the glue? I like the idea of the roll on used in the generic benroy plans but read it was not available any more and that it was hard to keep clean and looking good? I also could use a combination of aluminum on the sides roll on the roof? I plan on using 1/4 outside plywood skin 1/2 plywood middle hollowed out with insulation and 1/8 inside skin? How. Easy is filon to work with? Or am I just thinking to much? Lol
Thanks Greg ps I have been searching for hours and the more I look the more confused I get. :D
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