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ACM Panel weight

Postby 1TallTXn » Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:27 pm

In my quest to find info about the ACM panels, I hunted and finally found details on the weight of this stuff.
I would have liked a table, so I made on here for us.

Source: ... panels.php

Extrapolating the data, this is what I found.
1m^2 = 10.71ft^2
1kg = 2.20lbs

2mm ACM = 2.9kg/m^2 ~= 6.4lbs/m^2 ~= 0.59lbs/ft^2
3mm ACM = 3.8kg/m^2 ~= 8.37lbs/m^2 ~= 0.78lbs/ft^2
4mm ACM = 4.8kg/m^2 ~= 10.58lbs/m^2 ~= 0.98lbs/ft^2

For comparison, 3/4in plywood weighs about 61lbs or roughly 2.85lbs/ft^2

I'm sure I'm not the only nerdy one that wanted to know.

*I make no claim for this to be accurate across all brands/types. Treat it as a rough guess, get the specifics from the one you are buying, and go with that.

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