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Postby Alan_H » Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:05 pm

noseoil wrote:The aerosol spray would be fine, only trouble is the cost of spray cans, it's not very cost-effective. It's used in shops with a pot & pressure system typically. Bought by the 5 gallon drum it's pretty cheap & works very well. Most shops have a gooey, messy looking glue pot, since it's a real booger to have to clean up afterwards. The red stuff lets you see the pattern when you spray. It doesn't need a 100% coverage pattern, just a coating on both surfaces to let it stick. That would be the best way to do it. Solvent base dries very fast, water base takes more time & the temperature must be warm enough to have an active bonding surface (not a problem where I live).

If there's an automotive upholsterer near you and you could take the pre-cut panels & cloth to them, it would be pretty cheap to have it done in their shop and then assemble it back where you're doing the build. Why not?

Thanks for the info, I'm marking that in my notebook. If I have enough left (should, ordered almost an extra 5 yards) I'll give it a try.
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