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Re: FRP and NRP

PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:49 pm
by Sidekick
This is what it looked like finished- 2 qt acrylic enamel 2 part

Re: FRP and NRP

PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:53 am
by Idragon

First my Questions: I am gathering for my build and was trying to decide between FRP & PMF for skinning and that choice was made for me when I was able to pick up (18) 4' X 8' sheets of FRP for $35.00 (more on that by end).

So, first question, can you paint FRP? Second question, I see a lot of people tarring the undercarriage of their trailers. With such a surplus of FRP on hand is there any reason I could not waterproof the bottom of my project with FRP?

I would appreciate any input / insights you may have.

So, regarding the FRP. In researching this project and seeing all of your custom builds, I have really fallen in love with those personal builds that have so much character and personality and that will be the course I take. I also would like to use as much repurposed material as possible for both economic and creative reasons. I already had the trailer having built if for hauling a lot of gear around years ago, but it had been sitting around the back yard for years until I pulled it out last week and stripped it down (I have been in the planning stage for some time). Today it will go to a friends house to be welded up so that I can start my "winter project / build". So I have been sourcing materials and ideas and recently discovered Restore which I had never heard of. Restore's are outlet centers for Habitat for Humanity and offer all kinds of options that are great for projects like this. From furniture to tools and building materials all at rock bottom almost donation prices. They are also apparently all over the country, 3 in my area and I have only been to one!

So, we had a storm that partially pushed over a tree that I would like to save and not having one but needing a "come along" and having seen one for $10.00 at restore I headed over to pick it up. Unfortunately the "come along" had been snapped up, but what had recently arrived was a pallet of FRP. For $2.50 a piece my decision was made and I picked up 7 pieces and they threw in another 4 that were damaged(1 with a hole and the others with small corner damage) to use for scraps. On the drive home I figured for the price I should get some more for other projects and any possible mistakes or "do overs" that may come up, so I went back and picked up another 7 while it was still there.

Well I thank you for any help /advice given, and hope someone else benefits from my "Restore discovery".


Re: FRP and NRP

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:48 am
by Sidekick
My trailer is called re run for a reason- very few pieces of it were bought new- 99 percent is reused and refurbished. It still looks like it is new and fills the need of thrift on my build.