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Help Skinning Interior with 1/8" Hardboard or Similar

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:31 pm
by ssuuki19
Had some downtime recently, telling myself that if I spend time on the forum thats at least considered work of some sort, call it research.. so my build is an outside-in, and I want to go with 1/8". I've read about marine plywood, the local hardware store chain has whats called 1/8" hardboard that's reasonably priced, but it doesn't look like it has any grain to it. Its ok if the walls are a little delicate to puncturing, weight is the major issue here, and nothing structural will be tied into these panels. Ideally they would have a wood grain look, but one consideration is that the aluminum l-track will probably be able to condense moisture the same way a window sill does, so ideally whatever product is used won't stain from moisture.
Flanged l-track is to be installed horizontally all over the interior so essentially I can cut pieces of plywood to fit all the gaps. And since the flanges of the l-track are 1/2" there's plenty room for vertical error. Hoping the panels can slide into their respective spots horizontally by bending them a bit to pass the flanges, the bottom edge of the panel tucking beneath the flange and resting on the l-track strapping (lets call it because it is essentially a flanged strapping), the top edge tucking underneath the flange of the above l-track. Then some vertical battens are installed and hand tightened, and voila! Ohhh if only its that easy, right.. dare to dream.. :? perhaps some velcro will be added in the middle of certain panels to give them some stick too, but I want to keep this simple. Point being is that by removing the battens, the panels can be removed so I can get back into the walls/wiring in the future. This is one of the design musts.
For finish I'm a huge fan of tung oil but I don't know if this is appropriate for a trailer interior, and that perhaps a polyurethane must be used. Since the plywood panels are installed in flanged areas they can expand and contract no problem and the flanges would hide it, thats a plus.
This is my first build and when I first joined the forum I was inspired by Roly's woody and his suggestion to go with 1/8" plywood to get the light weight I desire. Just wondering if anyone sees an issue? Or a better solution? Btw the sealing and vapor barrier will be taken care of by the taped up insulation layer which has as a layer of alumized film.

Re: Help Skinning Interior with 1/8" Hardboard or Similar

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:35 am
by linuxmanxxx
After doing 3 builds I just recommend using the deco conduit that mounts on wall to run wiring. Looks decent and always have access and much easier to wire up.

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Re: Help Skinning Interior with 1/8" Hardboard or Similar

PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:40 am
by Pmullen503
I would stay away from hardboard. Even when finished it has terrible expansion and contraction with humidity. I used it for a work bench top glued and screwed to a frame. It literally dissembled itself when the hardboard skins expanded and contracted over the course of a year (unheated garage.) Better to use something like Luan plywood or better yet, plywood rated for use as underlayment. You'll spend a little more today but be happier with the result for years to come.