Tow Vehicle possibilities Best Mileage-Hybrids?

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Re: Tow Vehicle possibilities Best Mileage-Hybrids?

Postby DrewsBrews » Tue Sep 08, 2015 8:45 am

catinmoon wrote:
DrewsBrews wrote:Ever consider raising the rear of the legacy?

Scraping the receiver isn't the end of the world. Unnerving yes, but usually not a big deal. Scraping the trailer however is no good. If the trailer is angled up when hitched to the truck, that points the rear of the trailer down and would explain the rear end scraping. This can be altered with different raise/drop on the ball mount on any vehicle.

Hi again, from Stephanie
Delayed reaction, but I am getting back to this idea. I see on the website they have both a front and a rear lift kit. I just need more clearance so wonder if raising both front and rear makes sense? thanks

Raising the front wouldn't really affect towing clearance, but if you find you need front end clearance on a day to day basis then I don't see why not. However, also factor in that when you make these type of changes, especially in the front end, it will affect the alignment angles. So getting an alignment done after the lift is installed is highly recommended.
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