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Postby Nobody » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:37 am

Dale M. wrote:Two things in life I wish they had standardized ... One is one size only for hitch/trailer ball... And other is quick disconnect/connect air chucks for air pressure systems...


YESSS! Years ago I changed couplers on every trailer I owned to 2". Not sure I even own a 1 7/8" ball now?? Few years ago I bought a used Trillium fiberglass trailer. It had a 1 7/8" coupler & I really had to 'scramble' to find a drawbar with correct ball to tow it home. I've also switched about everything to a 7-pin electrical connector even tho I don't always use all the pins (brakes, back-up lights, etc.). I carry one of the 7-pin to 4-flat adapters in my truck also.

As for the air-tool quick connect system, I started out with a Type C (dunno why, just did) & have used that since. Seems most folks (& auto mechanics) use Type A, at least I see a lot more of the Type A.
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