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Ranch beans

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:03 pm
by slowcowboy
I dont want to fight with no one so I thought I would share how we cowboys do beans....

Ranch beans..

4 cups of pinto beans...soak over night 24 hours covered in water.a inch over the beans. Add table spoon baking soda.

..then drain beans....add fresh water to cover beans....

..half a cup Chile powder and don't cut it cooks down..
Lots of cilantro I pour in on top and judge.

Cracked black pepper

Teaspoon kosher salt..

Bring to a boil..cut heat to low and simmer 2 hours...stir every half hour.dont let your beans burn or stick to pot..dangerous ruins hole pot..
...okay last 30 mins cut onion one red bell pepper and one green in rather large chunks get a wee bit crispy in a frying pan in oil fried down but not shrunk to nothing keep Veggys moving...add to pot with garlic powder to taste. Stir and finish off the beans last 30 mins even simmer 2 and a half hours...

I like to eat on the pot for a week.grab a plastic cup if your camping or just sit out on the front porch saves on dishes...

This is a very old recipe still in use on the wagen on large ranches in Texas like Wagner llc and the 4 6s were they still run a wagen out on spring works...went up the trail from texas.. its a cowboys main stay besides boiled camp stlye coffee the type with grounds poured on top the cook a wee bit diffent on a Chuck wagen and it grows on you...i got in to Chuck wagen cooking to hide from heart break on a busted romance and it changed even my teardrop camping this way of cooking..i don't even use a perk coffee pot any more I do camp coffee even at home about every morning now.

Slow cowboy..see ya around the teardrop...

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