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Postby sdiver68 » Wed Feb 11, 2015 7:02 pm

darrellbeck wrote:Number one: I am not an authority on how to build or modify a trailer. I spoke of a single incident that happened to me. It was a Pace 20ft with steel studs on 16in centers.
I supported 32in shelves off 1x4s glued to the wall and screwed to the studs. The shelves had a 2x2 1/8 angle perimeter with 1/2 plywood glued in. I supported the front of the shelves with 2x2 angle every 6 1/2ft, with a 3x3 metal pad welded on for a foot. Other than the weight of the shelf itself, there was usually a couple hundred pounds on a 20 foot long shelf. After about 20,000 miles I started having a dust problem, but could not see where the problem was. After another couple thousand miles, the area of cause became apparent because of the dust being heaviest there. It took close inspection to find that FOUR studs were broken loose. From that time on I made sure that the back was well supported and I never had another problem.
I have gone a lot of miles towing a trailer, and have become competent at towing a trailer. However, this makes me as much of an authority on trailer construction as it makes me an authority on building the roads I drove on.
The only reason I put this on is BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME and I wanted others to be aware that it COULD happen.I know what I will do on my new conversion. It's up to you how to do yours.

Very few of us are professionals but we can definitely learn from your experience. My experience is a bit different and why i posted but your post also makes me rethink or at least do more structural checks than I might have otherwise. Thank you for sharing!
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