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Re: Chassis jacks

Postby Nobody » Sun May 07, 2017 4:49 pm

When I built my TD in 2006 I wanted stabilizers on all 4 corners that would be easy to use and perform the stabilizing task with total reliability. I found the BAL light trailer jacks on sale at JC Whitney for under $60 pr with free shipping. That worked out to less than the regular cost of a pair plus shipping. I ordered 2 pair & mounted 'em on the corners of my 1800# HF trailer before I even started TD construction. The BALs served admirably to level the trailer during construction, as well as provide splendid stabilization for camping. These are the 23026 series I believe, & come in either 17 or 20" height & around 750lbs static capacity per jack.


Tho I've never tried to lift my entire TD with only the BALs, with their capacity & my TD weight loaded for camping (1150#), I wouldn't hesitate if needed. I might have to exert a little more 'oomph' if using the hand crank but with my 18v cordless DeWalt drill & lift screw adaptor, it'd be an easy chore.

BAL also makes a near identical stabilizer/leveling jack called the 'C' jack. It is quite a bit heavier (both lift & weight wise). It is available in 19-31" lift & the static weight capacity varies from 3K# to 5K# depending on lift height. The 'C' jacks have a 'nut' welded to the lift screw which makes for more positive lift/leveling. If one wanted to both lift their TD off the ground & stabilize it, the 'C' jacks might be worth investigating, even at their higher price.

BALs are easily installed & have worked very well on our TD. Deployment takes only a minute or two per jack, even less if you have a cordless drill & lift screw adaptor. I liked them well enough that when we bought our 17' Casita Spirit Deluxe, I located & bought a pair of light trailer stabilizers with sand pads, & installed them on the rear of the Casita to take the place of the Atwood 'swing-down' stabilizers that are factory equipment. Like the BALs much better.

If I was doing it all over again, I'd mount the BALs at a 45 degree angle on the corners of my TD, rather than perpendicular to the side rails. We've had absolutely no problems with instability, just think angle would be better. Also, it'd be a simple matter to devise/fabricate mounting plates for angle mounting. We've towed our TD in the neighborhood of 30K miles, over a 10yr period. I wouldn't give up the BALs under any circumstances I can think of. This pic shows the BALs in use at camp...

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Re: Chassis jacks

Postby Esteban » Sun May 07, 2017 6:24 pm

:applause: Harvey,

Your write up and photos of the BAL jacks are superb.

I also have used my BAL jacks to level and support my trailer frame while I'm building the teardrop. My trailer frame was custom built by a local welding shop. We designed the rear of the frame to enable mounting the BAL jacks at 45 degree outward angles. That reduces any tendency to move or sway the trailer with a counteracting/stabilizing force from the other BAL jack.
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Re: Chassis jacks

Postby 2manytoyz » Thu May 11, 2017 7:56 pm

Great information all and thank you for the responces. Found my album onhere from 2006 and saw I was using small bal jacks back then. Looking at the larger ones they look like they might just do the trick as I a, esrimating about a 3000 lb travel weight. Again thank you all for the great ideas/ responces :thumbsup:

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