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Sketchup Viewer - See your build in Augmented Reality

Postby RustyT » Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:05 am

Hi Folks

I'm new to the forum and embarking on my own build. It's purely digital at first as I'm not a crafts person, so I'm learning the build process by reading this forum and building virtually in Sketchup. This was new to me and I've spent a long time learning the programme but it's been really useful and worth the effort. I've learnt a lot on the way so if anyone has any questions as a beginner do let me know.

The even better news was that I've just stumbled across the Sketchup Viewer App on my iPhone. This allows you to view your Sketchup model in augmented reality (imagine being able to walk around or sit in your 3d model!). This has really helped me understand the space and it only costs £10 a year for the subscription.

Re reading this post, I sound like I must be affiliated to Sketchup, which I'm not, but I would highly recommend using the app if you've taken the time to build a model.

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