Tiny House Build On A Goose Neck Trailer

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Tiny House Build On A Goose Neck Trailer

Postby Augie Dog » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:30 pm

I have been stalking the Cargo Conversion site but thought I would throw this out to y'all. I was going to have a goose neck cargo trailer built (for camping only) but the cost for the trailer is too much. So I thought if I looked for a good condition 20-22 ft goose neck trailer why couldn't I build my own camper the way I want it. It will not be fancy and look like many of the CC trailer builds but be functional and appealing. I considered looking for truck cargo boxes (think U-Haul box) that I could mount on a trailer,or build it from scratch. With that said where would I find hardware such as exterior trim used to join the exterior skin, and roof what type of material could I use for the roof and exterior walls. Wood,aluminum,fiberglass etc. I am building this to travel and camp in and will not be parked used as a residence. I welcome your thoughts and opinions.
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Re: Tiny House Build On A Goose Neck Trailer

Postby Philip » Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:53 am

Most truck boxes are 96" wide. Later models might be 102" wide. They would be a good starting point at the expense of being a little heavy. With your trailer having a floor and the truck box having a weather proof floor and framing under it. Most of those types of boxes use 3" channel iron under them at 16" centers. Then there is a 5 or 6" channel iron rails welded under it to attach them to a truck chassis. I went and did some looking. I couldn't find any weights listed for just a truck box.

The truck boxes might sound good but the trailer would need to be a deck over axle style. That means a high floor level.

I would look for a 5th wheel camper frame. It is a light weight built frame. Then build what you need on it.
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