Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings

Postby MickinOz » Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:05 pm

Chicken wings are inexpensive here in Oz.
The local super market sells a 2 kilo bag of wings for $7.50.
I going to estimate that at US1.15 per pound.

Here is how I like to cook them.

Open bag, dump out wings into a bowl.
Discard any absorbent sachets you find.
Pat dry, check for stray feathers.
I like to joint the wings through the "elbow".
Prick wings all over and dust with some cayenne pepper.
Add enough Sweet Bay Ray's Buffalo Wing sauce to coat the wings fairly well.
I find one 16 oz / 474g bottle is enough for 2 bags/4kg of wings.
Coat everything in the mix, then either stick it in a new ziploc bag or cover the bowl with cling film.
Refrigerate, overnight if possible. Ziploc bag in the cooler (US), Esky (Oz) , or Chilly Bin (Aotearoa), would work fine for camping.
Just before cooking, shake off excess sauce, coat wings in seasoned flour (plain white flour, salt, pepper, a little more cayenne to taste)

Heat 1/2 inch of vegetable oil in a large heavy based fry pan.
Get it hot enough to gently sizzle a bit of flour when you drop it in, but you don't want it too hot.
The idea is to fry the wings until the flour coating is golden and crunchy, and do it slow enough that the chicken is cooked right through before the coating is burnt, but not so slow that the coating is a claggy, gooey, oily mess.
Only takes a couple of wings to get it right.
Cook em all, don't crowd the pan, don't run short of oil.
You can make this recipe with a couple bowls, a cutting board and knife, a ziploc bag (can possibly resuse the bag the wings came in), and a frypan.
So not a recipe for hikers, but definitely doable for a teardrop camping trip - most people would have enough cooking gear on board.
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Re: Chicken Wings

Postby Mariedaniel033 » Sat Apr 18, 2020 10:43 am

Great . Can i try this Chicken Wings recipe in Electric Smoker? Waiting for your response.
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