1st Annual Canadian Gathering 2014

British Columbia Chapter of the Tear Jerkers (Director Brian Woods "Vedette")

1st Annual Canadian Gathering 2014

Postby Vedette » Tue Jan 07, 2014 3:05 am

A date has finally been set for the 1st Annual Tear Jerkers' Canadian Teardrop Gathering! :applause:
Sandi and I have agreed the best possible date for us to Host an event here at the Farm would be July 24-27 2014. :NC
As Director of the Tear Jerkers B.C. Chapter, I will be calling upon our Chapter Members to assist in the organization and implementation of this "Official Tear Jerkers Event" :D
More information TBA as plans are solidified.
Please post on this thread... If you are thinking of attending or have any suggestions.
B.C. TJ Chapter Members will be contacted for assistance and support by E-mail.
Good Roads
Brian & Sandi
Good Roads
Brian & Sandi
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Re: 1st Annual Canadian Gathering 2014

Postby gudmund » Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:26 pm

Brian, hope you and Sandi can stand the thought of maybe seeing me 3 times the coming year. Will be putting in for vacation the 28th of this month and being I'm am now one of the moldy oldie's at work I get what I ask for when it comes to vacation time. One week the first of May (Dam) - two weeks the first of July (IRG) - and last but not least, back to work for one week than another week off the last week of July!! being I now know when to head for Canada!!! I've also have had No luck calling Antler's either, so I sent a SASE to them asking for the spot I had last year a few weeks ago and have yet to hear from them but hearing that they told you it was taken already, it has me wondering if I may have gotten it? if and when I find out I'll let you know being you and I know it has lots of room for more than one trailer if need be - I can always bring a "long" extension cord. Also got the IRG registration mailed in on Friday the 3rd and was told by the PO it should have been there by Monday the 6th. Take Care T.Hoefer
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