2016 Farm Gathering Registration

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Re: 2016 Farm Gathering Registration

Postby Vedette » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:08 am

Yes, Ted has been here for 2 nights already......concrete deck has been poured and he is still above ground! :roll:
So I guess this Gathering is officially underway. :thumbsup:
Had supper last night at 1: 00 am, but moved that ahead to midnight tonight.......food is highly over rated anyway.
Home depot has a sale on starting Thursday.....so by Thursday afternoon , we may have a "Door" on the shower room....and hot water??? ;)
Who would have guessed it would take that long to gyprock such a small space? :thinking:
Looking forward to some relax & visit time as others arrive.
Ted & I have sampled some wine, an chocolate after the sun went down the last couple of nights! :wine:
See all of you soon.
Good Roads
Brian & Sandi
We have been entertained by a couple of 3 year old bucks grazing in the alfalfa field next door and eating apple from their unattended trees.
Hope the are still here for the Farm Gathering.
Good Roads
Brian & Sandi
Here is a link to my Build Journal
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