Beginner Seeking a Pro's Advice

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Beginner Seeking a Pro's Advice

Postby Ambroz » Sat Feb 04, 2023 11:08 pm

Hi, I could really use some help to get started with these mini bicycle campers. I've looked online a lot, but sometimes someone just explaining in layman's terms is sooo much more helpful. Feel free to answer any of these if you have a minute. I appreciate anything you can offer.

1.) An aluminum base seems to be pretty standard. Could using an aluminum-to-aluminum adhesive be as strong/sturdy as welding? (If wanting an alternative to welding).

2.) What is the general weight load of these aluminum frames?

3.) I've seen plywood with foam inserts used to make the sides and/or base. Are there even cheaper and more light-weight options than plywood and foam that would be just as sturdy? I heard someone mention Integraboard, whatever that is.

4.) Is fiber-glassing the structure just to make it water-proof? Are there comparable alternatives to fiberglass/to make it completely weatherproof? I heard someone mention Filon Sheeting, but I don't know how.

Again, thanks.
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