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Re: Patience...

Postby Squigie » Tue Jan 17, 2023 11:14 pm

Oh, man. I forgot about this thread.

It is a totally different plan now.
I got it down to 8 foot length in one version and 8'6" in another. All unnecessary options have been culled.
It is down to basically a sleeping box with storage, lights, a fan, a furnace, and a place for my boots to stay inside. (And a 12V device charging center, if I ever go big enough on the battery bank.)
8-foot is preferable for ease of build. 8'6" removes some conflicts with door/axle/bulkhead placement and would have slightly better quality of life.

No rear hatch. Instead, two side doors are an option for over-foot storage access from outside.
Mattress foot goes all the way to the rear wall.

I'll try to remember to post the current profile when I get home.

The reason why still no build progress has been made since my last update (somewhere else, not in this thread) is because the build space is currently filled with a vehicle undergoing a complicated and non-standard V8 swap. That project was supposed to be done well over a year ago, but my wife has had some serious medical episodes that set us back financially and on the timeline(s).
But I made some other progress on the properly over the warm season last year and might be able to shuffle some tools around outside to get started on the frame on my covered patio, and/or shuffle the V8 swap outside for its final stages (wiring, final brackets, finish welds, etc.) and start getting some steel glued together for the frame.
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