Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detectors

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Re: Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Detect

Postby Staryder61 » Tue Apr 26, 2022 12:41 pm

M C Toyer wrote:I've seen occasional mention of fire extinguishers in galleys but am wondering how many include smoke alarms there and in the sleeping compartment.
I also have a carbon monoxide detector in my sleeping compartment. I hadn't used the trailer since last December and had forgotten about it but when I was getting ready for Loyd Park the chirping reminded me to change all the batteries.

Reading through old posts, I figured this one should be bumped..
Me having been a fireman for years in the past in a rural area. I have seen many a fire in vehicles, small and large campers and around them.
Some could have been avoided by having a fire extinguisher readily available. They are not expensive, and take up little room.

Equip your camper with smoke detectors, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide detectors. They may just save your life or someone else.
I have also been on dispatched calls, where lives were lost. By not having one or another of the above mentioned detectors.

Life is to precious not to protect it. Purchase your fire extinguishers and detectors, familiarize yourself with them. Know how to use them.

Wild fires are flaring up everywhere where every one lives. When you go camping, check local laws and ordinances on open burning. Many areas have Burn Bans in affect now. Thousands and thousands of acres of wild fires are flaring up burning more and more areas.

Stay safe, David

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