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Vintage Plans

Postby 1130451B » Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:44 am

Has anyone built using the vintage plans in the designer resources? Specifically the ' to ' plans? Any pictures? How did it turn out?
I am in no position to build anything, hoping that will change but it is what it is for now. For the time being I am reading, asking and learning and I was wondering about the vintage plans and how they turn out. What I am imagining is something like a Bushwaker Plus 15fk or a Tab320\320CS with a over built trailer and #3500 axles and wet bath and I am wondering how hard it is to re-plan the floor plan to remove the front dinettes and go with a wet bath and closet combo, and if anyone had done it? I was thinking a AirHead Composting Toilet and 1 or 2 portable showers like what this guy builds on youtube ( ... DoingStuff) yeah it starts out with a freedom lady wearing a US flag having a shower but 10 seconds in it gets to the build. I am thinking jerry cans as opposed to central water tanks and grey tank with a drain for lightness and ease of construction. I also had the idea of making a large skylight out of plexi glass over the main bed so you could look up at the stars. My vehicle is rated for 5000# and 4600# with 4 passengers so I feel 3500# should be a good limit to go buy with our family and cargo.

There are 4 of us and a dog, the kids can sleep in a tent or if the weather is really bad the SUV or with us; the rig is more for allowing us to get out with the stuff we need for the day we plan or camp or have a place to stay when we visit family abroad. So we don't really need family size room; being light and easy to use is more important. That said, I am thinking of something that can have bike racks on the tongue and also, maybe, a motorcycle rack on the back or a cargo door to put a motorcycle into the main trailer. (Note: small motorcycle like 100lbs Honda Passport/Cub/C70 to a max of CRF250L). I am envisioning this thing to be a mobile base of sorts; we take it to the beach, go swimming and kayaking returning to it at high sun for some escape and food only to go back to the beach in the afternoon evening. Something I take with me to my cousins so I have a place to stay when we go fishing; maybe take it to the boat launch so we can relax and have a bite before driving back after a long day on the water. On top of the family camping and traditional camper stuff. Anyway I am just throwing ideas out there and wondering what has been done, what hasn't, whats dumb, and where my expecations fall.
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Re: Vintage Plans

Postby C8AX » Sat May 20, 2023 4:06 am

Not sure if you got started, hope you did.
I am doing the Wild Goose.
It looks like a tear and has a big bed. lol

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