Air Tight Teardrops can KILL YOU

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Re: Air Tight Teardrops can KILL YOU

Postby Pugwinkle » Mon Sep 18, 2023 5:33 am

Tom&Shelly wrote:We do carry a pair of towels dedicated to putting over our blankets under the windows on potentially rainy nights. A few times I've woken up with wind blowing rain in. The towels keep the blankets dry enough to react appropriately, like closing the windward side window. We also carry a 10 x 10 Easy-Up, and have put it up over the tear. That usually works pretty well, giving us a few feet over each side.


I will take some extra towels and I do plan to get a 10 x 10 easy up. I just hope it really is an easy up as I will be by myself and I'm quite short (4'9").
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