Excited about getting started

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Excited about getting started

Postby Gary719 » Tue Nov 22, 2022 8:42 am

Thanks for letting me join. I'm a minister that enjoys speaking to small congregations that I realize cannot conveniently pay for hotel accommodations for me and in some cases, I may not be able to afford either. There are times when I pitch my tent, but the area and season doesn't always make that feasible. Besides, among the last things I want is for them to feel bad because they can't afford better for me. I have a RV but driving a 3/4-ton truck, pulling a 36' trailer can be expensive too, My solution is a teardrop. This is a "budget conscious" project but when I pull into a church, I don't want them to "feel sorry" for me so I want it to look good and to leave the impression that I'm doing what I enjoy because I really am. I welcome any and all advice, suggestions, corrections, etc.
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