3 years and counting

Converting Cargo Trailers into TTTs

3 years and counting

Postby Wrecit » Thu Nov 09, 2023 1:57 pm

Ok the new goal is to be done by December 24 (finish date change 283,372 since I started this conversion 3 years ago lol)

Bought a generac 2500i today and Amazon will be dropping off an ac to 12vdc converter tomorrow. Since last time I threatened to post pix here I have installed the ceiling, diesel heater, dabbed up the new man door (need to put trim on then install), put vinyl wrap on front and back of trailer, did the electric rough in for interior and framed in about 80% of interior.

Still need to do final bondo/prime/paint then install the bed drop down door shelf, wire the exterior/running lights, vinyl both sides, install roof, install the max air, finish installing wall plywood, skin the cabinets, install the flooring, install the diamond plate, find the right wood slab to make the river table counter top and make it, get the epoxy and coat the plywood countertop to look like a stone slab, buy fenders, find some cheap running boards so I can cut them up to Mount the diesel heater jerrycan fuel cell, and about 3,000 punch list items lol.

On the bright side Amazon and the big brown truck have delivered everything I need to finish. Now I just need to spend every waking hour making the magic happen. Not going to promise pix this time because I have failed to deliver the past 4 times I promised so will just surprise you guys with pix when I finally get off my rear and post them lol

The Anti-Stealth conversion will be done soon (-er…..or later)
You hide your conversion and call it stealth. I put mine out in the open and give it a beer.

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Re: 3 years and counting

Postby halbraun » Fri Nov 10, 2023 1:08 am

Well… with where you started.. and with surgeries, I think it’s amazing you’re that close to done! Will wait for pics 8)
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