ultra lightweight floating popup camper

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Re: ultra lightweight floating popup camper

Postby AeroNautiCal » Mon May 09, 2022 4:54 pm

This has been an immensely rewarding and informative read, thank you to those whose posts have been goldmines of information and have instilled the confidence to go ahead and start experimenting.

BUB is hugely inspirational, what's not to love about such a lightweight, strong, full standing height travel cabin which also floats!
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BUB - the pioneering Foam pop-up

Postby WizardOfOdds » Mon May 09, 2022 10:01 pm

Yeah, this string is one of the 'forgotten' gems of the TnTTT forum, I remember following his progress in real time -- very interesting & inspiring! Several years after it appeared, the "Foamies" thread was started, but I failed to find it giving much credit to how pioneering & innovative the BUB was, see my comments here:
From what I saw, prior to BUB, posts here seemed to imply that building a fiberglass trailer involved using molds to form fiberglass components. BUB did not use any mold, almost no wood, and was a pop up too! Years later, PMF made this type of construction far more affordable.

As I recall raising BUBs top was a problem (no lift mech and binding with uneven lift??). I believe BUB was sold (to Bonnie??).
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