Grilled Potluck Chicken Legs

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Grilled Potluck Chicken Legs

Postby caseydog » Sat Jul 17, 2010 4:56 pm

This is so simple, I am reluctant to call it a recipe. I have made it at several gatherings for Saturday Potluck Dinner, and it is always a hit. As a bonus, it can be prepared at home for quick, easy cooking at your campsite.


One Family Pack of chicken legs/drumsticks

Kosher Salt

Fresh ground black pepper

Garlic powder

At home, season your chicken legs with kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, and garlic powder, and place them in a zip lock bag, or vacuum sealed bag if you have a Foodsaver.

At your campsite, grill the chicken slowly on a charcoal grill with a lid. Let the charcoal burn down to an even medium heat before you add the chicken . Turn and move the chicken regularly so it will cook all the way through and have a nice, golden brown skin.

Tips: Covering the chicken as it grills will keep flair-ups to a minimum, and allow the chicken to bake as it grills. Your grill will have hotter and cooler zones, so move the chicken around to cook evenly.

To get my chicken from my campsite to the Potluck table, I line a small cooler with aluminum foil, and put the chicken inside. I then wrap the foil down onto the chicken. When people are ready to eat, I open the cooler and pull back the foil, and the chicken is still good and hot. The cooler is my serving dish.


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